Arbeits-, Organisations- und Marktpsychologie

Journal Artikel von 2018

Otte, K.-P., Konradt, U., & Oldeweme, M. (2018). Effective team reflection: The role of quality and quantity.

Small Group Research, 49, 739-766. doi:10.1177/1046496418804898


In the present research, we distinguished between quantity and quality aspects of team reflection and examine how they relate to team performance improvement. We hypothesized that teams that reflect little, but deeply and thoroughly show greater performance improvements than teams that reflect a lot but on a superficial level. Additionally, we examined the extent to which team performance will improve if teams engage in both quality and quantity in reflection in different extents and whether implementation explained additional variance in team performance. We examined these issues in a sample of 46 three-person teams in a lab-based hidden profile setting, using a repeated measure design. The results from Bayesian structural equation modelling confirmed our hypotheses. Additionally, polynomial regression revealed that performance improved most when teams focused exclusively on the quality of team reflection and weakest when teams tried to engage in quality and quantity of reflection in the same extent.